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Our Services

Home Math Tutoring and Online Math Tutoring


These days students and parents are busier than ever, and we understand that tutoring may be just one item of many on the family calendar. Since our inception our goal has been to make life easier for parents and students by offering you high quality, private tutoring in the convenience of your own home.

As a traditional tutoring company, our setting is most often the kitchen table. This means that you don't have to drive to the local learning center, and you don't have to find a way to fill the 90 minutes that your child spends in that center.
Because we offer expert, in-home math tutoring, there is no need to commute to a tutoring center, get stuck in traffic, or fight the weather.

Don't be a stranger, for any questions or enquiries please leave us a message or contact us.


Personalized, One-on-One Math Tutoring


With one-on-one math tutoring as well as online math tutoring, your child will be able to learn at his or her own pace. Our tutors review concepts until it's clear that the student has mastered them, and new ones are introduced only when your child is ready.

Importantly, a primary goal of our personalized math tutoring programs is to help your child prepare for and succeed on important quizzes and tests. This involves reviewing homework assignments, discussing key concepts and techniques, and working through practice problems together.

Most importantly, our tutors help students take ownership for their learning, with the goal of making your child an independent and successful math student.

Unlike most learning center math programs, Prime Math tutors focus on your child's own schoolwork. We believe the best measure of your child's understanding and progress is the math grade on his or her report card. To this end, your tutor will focus on the lessons and material being covered each week by your child's classroom math teacher. The goal is to help your child grasp new concepts, and when necessary, to fill skill gaps that are preventing him or her from fully understanding new material.


Expert Math Tutors


The reason for our success is simple: our tutors. They are dedicated individuals who love seeing kids succeed in school, and who recognize the importance of patience and creativity when helping students understand confusing mathematical concepts.

There are two components to any discussion about our expert math tutors: the matching process itself and the people we hire. When matching students and tutors, we work hard during the enrolment process to learn everything we can about our students - from academic backgrounds to extracurricular interests. The better your child connects with his or her tutor, the more motivated he or she will be during our program.

For this reason we pay close attention to every detail, and we use that information to determine who on our staff will be the best fit for your child.
They know math, and they know how to teach it in ways your child will understand.

As for our math tutors, we have an extremely selective hiring and training process that screens for teaching and tutoring experience, personality, interests, and math expertise. They possess a mix of college and graduate degrees, and each has a background in mathematics - either as a tutor, student, or a professional who uses math in their job.


More Services

Private study rooms

Is your house hold noisy or busy?

Our tutoring services are not limited to home tutoring. We have quiet private study rooms available for lessons.

Mutual location

Would you prefer a mutual location?

Get in touch with us and we can make an arrangement.


Pairs and group sessions are also available.


Services - What we cover


  • Pre-number concepts - spatial skills
    • direction
    • sequence
    • order
    • position
    • pattern
    • grouping etc.
  • matching, left to right, forwards, backwards, first, last, top, middle, bottom, next, after, before, after, above, below, beginning, start, end, more, less, bigger, smaller
  • Perceptual motor skill development - developing left and right hand brain functioning
  • Visual identification of numbers
  • The Basics - Computation units
    • addition
    • division
    • fraction
    • place value
    • subtraction
    • decimal
    • equations
    • multiplication
    • speed games
  • The Basics - Application units
    • application
    • geometry
    • probability
    • worded problems
    • measurement
    • number concept
    • problem solving
    • scientific application
  • Pre-algebra concepts
    • balancing equations
    • x variables etc


  • VCE General Mathematics
  • VCE Mathematical Methods
  • VCE Specialist Mathematics
  • Junior Mathematics
    • algebra
    • linear equations
    • similar equations
    • percentages
    • quadratic functions
    • quadratics
    • surds
    • statistics
    • chance
    • factorisation
    • integers
    • fractions
    • Pythagoras
    • circles
    • trigonometry
    • cos
    • simultaneous equations
    • functions
    • histograms
    • solving equations
    • balancing equations
    • ratio
    • geometry
    • quadratic equations
    • radicals
    • polynomials
    • probability
    • data
    • expanding
    • graphing
    • decimals
    • triangles
    • problem solving
    • sin
    • tan
    • distributive law
    • simplifying equations
    • table
  • Senior Maths - all subjects
    • trigonometry
    • finance
    • derivatives
    • radicals
    • linear functions
    • probability & statistics
    • maxima and minima
    • trigonometric equations
    • periodic functions
    • radians
    • navigation
    • testing hypotheses
    • logs
    • matrices
    • 3-dimensional graphing
    • mode
    • medium
    • calculus
    • compound and reducing interest
    • surds
    • logarithms
    • exponential functions
    • binomial distribution
    • turning point
    • solving trigonometric functions
    • graphing trig functions
    • networking
    • queuing
    • comfort levels
    • complex numbers
    • vectors
    • graphics calculator
    • mean
    • scientific notation